Somehow, magically, mysteriously, and coincidentally I managed to happen upon this group of inbred haters two weekends in a row in separate towns.  Each time we were greeted with “you’re going to Hell you drunken bastards.” What?

Not only are they a disgustingly cruel but obviously grossly misjudged my drinking each encounter, maybe it’s just a conversation starter for them.  Parties and holidays must be a blast.  Unfortunately,  they don’t let their  illiterate fourth grade theology slow them down even the slightest (sorry if that offends real students in the fourth grade) the venom they vomit freely spews like verbal diarrhea.

This country has been so concerned about freedom of religion to such an extreme that the pendulum now has swung so we now need freedom from religion.

One positive these devilish do gooders must hate, I saw many families walking away in deep discussion with their children having in depth conversations about what God is really like.  Sweet lemons?

Oh bother….


Constitution Minders…


We seemingly have a new breed of self righteous control freaks on the prowl.  Be warned they come across as all knowing and beholding the secret handshake that unlocks the the true meaning of a famed piece of our government.  The intelligentia mafia clarifies everything about the constitution that you didn’t know that you didn’t know.

These outspoken addicts of inerrancy in all things they personally believe have jumped ship from the bible to now instruct us what the constitution actually means.  Isn’t it interesting that just like when inerrancy is applied to the bible it is about majoring in the minor things and minoring in the major, coincidentally it comes as no surprise the direction found of these scholars teachings seems to magically align with a certain partisan leaning

Control is control and this is just another vehicle for insecure wanna-be leaders to exercise dominion over non-suspecting lemmings.  Sadly, too many will willingly submit to this latest form of thought sacrifice and freely submit themselves to these bombastic authority figures self-serving opinions on our constitution.

While not claiming scholarship in constitutional matters, it seems this document was created with lots of wiggle room so the writings can grow with the times and society.  Demanding a sole interpretation of something created for flexibility desecrates the creative genius that wrote such a vehicle.





The most freeing event a person of faith can encounter in my opinion is the moment when they suddenly realize they are in a true relationship.  This moment in time lifts the emotional chains that keep us beholden to an all or nothing God and sets us free to evolve in the fashion the master offered.

In any relationship when a person has to hold back certain feelings, beliefs, or desires in order to maintain a clam steadiness, one person by not being honest never gets the full enjoyment of the relationship.  For that matter the partner will never fully enjoy all that is wonderful in the other with this type of arrangement.

Our faith is a relationship.  Opportunities to further embrace, peace, calm, kindness, love, generosity, and other mystical characteristics of wholeness await the willing consort, but do require total honesty.  My personal belief is that my faith remained at a infantile standstill until the day came that I felt the freedom to be completely honest with my heavenly partner.

I had issues with my beliefs.  I found some of the teachings comforting but many others deeply disturbing and divisive.  The inner turmoil kept me from embracing this relationship deeply as I didn’t feel I could be honest.  When the day came I first questioned something I was told I must believe in I was afraid of the repercussion of an angry and disappointed God.  Instead what I got was a freeing breath that encouraged me to embrace deeply this one I loved.  One question led to another and then to many, eventually the willingness to confront became a vital part of my very being.

Why more people don’t ask questions of their faith?  Its all about fear and security.  If one allows a single area of cemented belief to be considered fragile then a spiritual house of cards could begin to falter and eventually fall.  Deconstruction is hard, deep work that many feel unable or unwilling to undertake.  For me, meeting God again anew without so many opinions has been the most refreshing experience this poor chap has ever encountered.