Somehow, magically, mysteriously, and coincidentally I managed to happen upon this group of inbred haters two weekends in a row in separate towns.  Each time we were greeted with “you’re going to Hell you drunken bastards.” What?

Not only are they a disgustingly cruel but obviously grossly misjudged my drinking each encounter, maybe it’s just a conversation starter for them.  Parties and holidays must be a blast.  Unfortunately,  they don’t let their  illiterate fourth grade theology slow them down even the slightest (sorry if that offends real students in the fourth grade) the venom they vomit freely spews like verbal diarrhea.

This country has been so concerned about freedom of religion to such an extreme that the pendulum now has swung so we now need freedom from religion.

One positive these devilish do gooders must hate, I saw many families walking away in deep discussion with their children having in depth conversations about what God is really like.  Sweet lemons?

Oh bother….


1 Comment

  1. sudiecrouch said,

    October 21, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Ah, they have forgotten the whole “judge lest ye be judged”…Even the devil can (mis)quote scripture to suit his purposes. I still don’t understand how their gatherings are not a public nuisance….

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