Emasculated Jesus ( a tribute to the Georgia gun everywhere law)



Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.

My sidearm beside me, my trust is in you Lord.

If someone should slap my face, I turn around and simply reveal my pistol

Let them know that Jesus stuff is fine for the preacher to read,

But I live by the American creed.

Nobody screws with me.  I have rights.









If there ever was a word that needed an updated revisioning, it’s the word conservative.  From whence it once came great leaps of distance have transformed this innocuous word into something downright sinister.  If the word were still used to define a person or group as wanting to preserve a set group of social customs and religious beliefs passed on from earlier times, well,  we all could sleep better at night.  Sadly, that’s far from the case.  Now the word conservative refers to activism of not only disproving what others believe and hold sacred but also forcing others to accept and adhere prescribed doctrine and dogma.  The conservative belief system now marches with the conviction that it is morally superior and just what everyone else should follow, whether they want to or not.  Because or the bedding of right wing politics with fundamentalist Christianity, now the movement imagines itself divinely inspired and without error in its system of doctrine and crusade of redeeming society for its self-centered cause.  There is no compromise of conviction, either you’re with us in complete lock-step or you are the enemy that needs to be destroyed.

It’s not a huge leap to where the “conservative” movement is today and where its heading to see an Americanized Taliban marching about our streets and communities making sure those people under its watch are staying true to the faith.  These same adherents to the law see nothing wrong with their efforts but sharply stiffen their necks when they hear about how other married political and religious groups from other lands swallow up every civil liberty imaginable.  Little do they know, they are becoming what they fear.

For me going forward, the word conservative will be replaced with Fundamentalist in both the political and religious context.  Reality sucks.




I think that some the terms we throw around so effortlessly may be due a revision in their definitions.  As long as I can stay interested in the project I’ll try to take a new word with each submission to re-define for a modern age.  Might be fun, might anger some, maybe, just maybe…it might help us to all get on the same page going forward.  Here goes.