Love the Sinner.



If you are regularly taught and accept without questioning, “love the sinner hate the sin”… the faith practice you’ve learned is beyond misguided, it’s broken and needs a drastic overhaul, you should immediately fire your pastor.



If in response to criticism towards leadership or a program, God magically has told your pastor you need to find a new congregation, take his advice and hit the streets and fire your pastor.

Gun Sunday.



If your church has a “Bring your weapon to Church” Sunday event, you should slowly sneak out the back door and then quietly fire your pastor.




If the message sounding from the pulpit threatens harm to those who would try to prevent the church’s ability to evangelize without restraint on school grounds, relating to those damned liberal atheists who try to honor the separation of church and state, by all means…fire your pastor.



American Flag

If your church proudly displays the American flag on the podium, giving parishioners the impression God favors the USA and its people over others in the world, further creating a divisive us versus them mentality, jump up from your seat immediately and fire your pastor.





If your church has money to support a Disneyesque sanctuary for every age group with all the trappings and doesn’t have a soup kitchen to feed the hungry, it’s past time to fire your pastor.

Proof Text…



If your pastor can’t humanize long enough to participate in a conversation about social concerns or even life in general without spouting bible verses, it’s time to fire your pastor.





If the message you hear is swamped with references to battles, warriors, soldiers, and other fighting weapons, calmly remind yourself the message of Christ is centered around peace and humility, then fire your pastor.




Listening to the Sunday message, you find yourself overwhelmed in all the fanciful technological wizardry, and are so distracted that you have no idea what the message is about, it’s time to fire your pastor.




If you hear from the pulpit resistance to the ALS challenge because research might use stem cells thereby supporting abortions, challenge him to focus his ministry on actual investigation of facts versus knee-jerk reactionism and hearsay and then kindly fire your pastor.

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