This site is created for the sole purpose of unburdoning my mind of excess thought.  It is either written here or someone will have to listen to me in person.  The choice is yours.

This represents the rambling thoughts of a modern madman.  A person who’s inconsistencies rule his life.  A seeker of truth yet a practitioner of error.  One who seldom learns from his mistakes and lives with the frustration of revisiting drama.

A lover of clever humor…Diet Pepsi…stimulating conversation…quiet moments of meditation…Planet of the Apes movies…bow ties…classic rock and roll… Syracuse basketball.

A strong opponent of sameness…anything that is trendy…tuna fish…greed…religious bullies…the color red…snakes of any kind…war…expensive gasoline…thorny plants.

These are the various career experiences that have created the man I am today.  Kennel crap cleaner, beer truck delivery, seawall construction, paving flag guy, recreation, college student, truck loader, packing clerk, missionary, grad student, minister, landscaper, resturant manager, cold caller, stock broker, corporate management.

We are the sum collection of our past experiences.  No wonder I’m so confused.

1 Comment

  1. Dad said,

    July 12, 2008 at 11:46 am

    This boy could use all your help. ps the slices will eventually work themselves out only to be replaced by some new demon of the small round ball theology. He may have finally fallen off the deep end.

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