Girl Scout Cookies

Girls Selling Cookies with Wagon

If your pastor says with a straight face from the pulpit to not buy Girl Scout Cookies from the cute little munchkins in green because it will support abortion and lesbianism, ask yourself a question…Do I really allow myself to take life advise from such an flaming dolt?  Get up immediately from your seat and fire your pastor.


Harry Potter…


If your spiritual leader suggests children shouldn’t read Harry Potter for fear they may turn into witches, it’s time to fire your pastor.





If your church has money to support a Disneyesque sanctuary for every age group with all the trappings and doesn’t have a soup kitchen to feed the hungry, it’s past time to fire your pastor.




If you’re told to go make disciples and nothing is said about being, nice, kind, generous, and accepting to the people you interact with, you need to fire your pastor.




The most freeing event a person of faith can encounter in my opinion is the moment when they suddenly realize they are in a true relationship.  This moment in time lifts the emotional chains that keep us beholden to an all or nothing God and sets us free to evolve in the fashion the master offered.

In any relationship when a person has to hold back certain feelings, beliefs, or desires in order to maintain a clam steadiness, one person by not being honest never gets the full enjoyment of the relationship.  For that matter the partner will never fully enjoy all that is wonderful in the other with this type of arrangement.

Our faith is a relationship.  Opportunities to further embrace, peace, calm, kindness, love, generosity, and other mystical characteristics of wholeness await the willing consort, but do require total honesty.  My personal belief is that my faith remained at a infantile standstill until the day came that I felt the freedom to be completely honest with my heavenly partner.

I had issues with my beliefs.  I found some of the teachings comforting but many others deeply disturbing and divisive.  The inner turmoil kept me from embracing this relationship deeply as I didn’t feel I could be honest.  When the day came I first questioned something I was told I must believe in I was afraid of the repercussion of an angry and disappointed God.  Instead what I got was a freeing breath that encouraged me to embrace deeply this one I loved.  One question led to another and then to many, eventually the willingness to confront became a vital part of my very being.

Why more people don’t ask questions of their faith?  Its all about fear and security.  If one allows a single area of cemented belief to be considered fragile then a spiritual house of cards could begin to falter and eventually fall.  Deconstruction is hard, deep work that many feel unable or unwilling to undertake.  For me, meeting God again anew without so many opinions has been the most refreshing experience this poor chap has ever encountered.

Rescue and Revive…


I think it may be time to retake the term conservative back from the religipots that have hijacked and claimed it as their own.  These true believers have conveniently misquoted, misused and misappropriated God’s word for their own claim to fame long enough.  Each time a Conservative Christian is interviewed he (almost always male as they claim dominion over the weaker female species, otherwise if it is a female she acts like her valium prescription has been tampered with) never sounds like me or anyone I know instead acts in a manner than is so aggressive and mean spirited that their hidden jack boots begin to show.

I consider myself to be a conservative.  I truly do.  I take what Jesus said very seriously.  So seriously that I don’t dare try to add anything to His words to reflect my bias.  He summed it up so succinctly when he said everything I teach you can be summarized in this.  “Love the Lord God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.”  To me that’s more than enough instruction on how to emulate the master.  Doesn’t touch anything grey and stays completely black and white.  So if one really is a conservative they would take this teaching as the epicenter of their faith practice and focus on fleshing this out.  Choosing to kick into hyperdrive Christianity to impress the locals only further distances oneself from the original intent.

So if I start referring to myself as a conservative Christian going forward you’ll know what I mean.

Time to reclaim what is ours.  Next reclamation phrase, Pro-life.

Just saying.



Intense slumber, not a single movement,

face deeply impressed in the pillow.

Sleep too deep for dreams,

transported to blackened nothingness.

A safe and tranquil place.

An unnatural sound, too loud to excuse,

bursting forth outside my door.

Sleeping dogs spring forth to alarm and protect,

my Zen now over.

Illuminating the night, a dark figure appears,

a fiend tossing my garbage can about.

Undisturbed by my arrival he looks at me,

holding an immaculately clean jar of jam.

So this is the way of life,

we agree to not change a thing.

Letting me see such a noble creature up close,

I gladly accept cleaning his mess in the morning sun.




The black box appearing so unimaginative

yet full of magic.

In the hands of an artisan transformation

becomes divine.

Understanding and harnessing power from the black box,

with it’s mystifying and secretive leaks of smoke.

Just a few components and the mystery begins,

so simple yet producing elaborate delicacies.

The cold chunk of carcass begins its inexplainable

becoming towards mouth watering delight.

The magician stands clear and lets the box perform,

knowing he is but a witness to this metamorphous.

(While the neighbors drool with desire)

Dinner will be wonderful tonight.


A phase of distance not uncommon for the years,

passages to find their way.

Unexpected words reveal intimate meaning,

joy from the reminder of love.

A token of great value, simple words bringing a pleasing smile.



Love who you love, hearts not parts,

look forward as one.

We celebrate togetherness,

as a gift from above.

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