If your pastor is demanding the congregation focus on obedience and leadership, hold on to your hat, you’re about to have any bit of common sense stolen from you, get a pair and fire you pastor.



If you hear “I’ll just take what the bible says as true” without acknowledging what that really means is “I’ll take what I think the bible says” as more important than what “you think the bible says.”  Your pastor has a messiah complex and needs to be fired.

Just the way it is…


When your pastor tells you something in an unkind way, but justifies it by saying “that’s just the way it is”or “I’m just being honest”, remind him that the vast majority of people who make such a claim come across as assholes.  Fire your pastor and get a new community to invest yourself into.



If you’re taught that every answer to every situation for every person regardless of their individual circumstances is clearly found in the bible, you’ve been fed a pack of lies…quickly fire your pastor and begin making amends to those you’ve harmed in the quest to enhance your ego offering unsolicited advice.

All in….

I recently came across this article by Robert Lofgren.  I think he expresses many feelings I share.

Why I despise fundamentalism:

• It sets ideas and beliefs above people.

• It reduces people, the world, and our universe to black and white. There is no room for anything or anyone that does not fit the mold and there is no desire to learn and explore because all of the answers have already been found.

• Beliefs must be defended at all cost, while love and mercy can be neglected.

• It is tiring and draining of your energy because you are always trying to hold puzzle pieces together that do not seem to fit…they are forced to fit. • It takes away room for creativity, favoring what is simple.

• It despises education, because education might conflict with dogma. • It separates and divides, only holding those with similar beliefs together. It furthers the tribal mentality.

• It creates a distorted image of who God is, crippling the relationship with the Divine, and it makes you a distorted image-bearer.

Fundamentalism can be found within any given worldview or religion. Often the fundamentalist is blinded to his own fundamentalism, while gladly pointing out the errors in another’s fundamentalistic beliefs.




The phrase “fire your pastor” doesn’t have to mean work aggressively to have him lose his job, more to the point it means, you leaving his teaching and getting healthy.




If you don’t understand that being a douche bag for Jesus still makes you a douche bag, it’s time to fire your pastor.

Love thy Neighbor…



If your church teaches you to tell your neighbor they’re going to Hell if they don’t accept you particular view of the bible, it’s time to fire your pastor.

The Hook…



If your church leaders can’t do anything for the individuals or the community without feeling the need to “share” their version of the gospel instead of just being good, giving, and decent people, it’s time to fire your pastor.

Love the Sinner.



If you are regularly taught and accept without questioning, “love the sinner hate the sin”… the faith practice you’ve learned is beyond misguided, it’s broken and needs a drastic overhaul, you should immediately fire your pastor.

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