Drink of death…


If you feel you can divine another’s eternal destiny based upon their consumption of alcohol, while you drink copious amounts of coffee and cola each and every day, you might have a major judgment issue and a little problem with caffeine.  You should fire your pastor and soon learn the finer points of a good Chardonnay.  Your life will be changed for the better.


The Hook…



If your church leaders can’t do anything for the individuals or the community without feeling the need to “share” their version of the gospel instead of just being good, giving, and decent people, it’s time to fire your pastor.





If your church has money to support a Disneyesque sanctuary for every age group with all the trappings and doesn’t have a soup kitchen to feed the hungry, it’s past time to fire your pastor.


Man climbing up by stepping on another man


If you hear about obtaining blessings for yourself and family without concern for those struggling outside the church door, fire your pastor.



Intense slumber, not a single movement,

face deeply impressed in the pillow.

Sleep too deep for dreams,

transported to blackened nothingness.

A safe and tranquil place.

An unnatural sound, too loud to excuse,

bursting forth outside my door.

Sleeping dogs spring forth to alarm and protect,

my Zen now over.

Illuminating the night, a dark figure appears,

a fiend tossing my garbage can about.

Undisturbed by my arrival he looks at me,

holding an immaculately clean jar of jam.

So this is the way of life,

we agree to not change a thing.

Letting me see such a noble creature up close,

I gladly accept cleaning his mess in the morning sun.




The black box appearing so unimaginative

yet full of magic.

In the hands of an artisan transformation

becomes divine.

Understanding and harnessing power from the black box,

with it’s mystifying and secretive leaks of smoke.

Just a few components and the mystery begins,

so simple yet producing elaborate delicacies.

The cold chunk of carcass begins its inexplainable

becoming towards mouth watering delight.

The magician stands clear and lets the box perform,

knowing he is but a witness to this metamorphous.

(While the neighbors drool with desire)

Dinner will be wonderful tonight.



After seemingly years of struggle we’ve now come full circle and found ourselves content and unashamedly back in the Catholic Church.  This journey has encountered many valleys to cross and hills that need climbing but home again we now are.  For most people this would be less of an issue.  Years of conditioning in the evangelical church found us lacking and uninspired.  Our family has all but found church lately uneventful and dare I say unnecessary.  I find it hard to acknowledge these words coming from me as this doubt was never covered in seminary, but oftentimes the hardest person we have to be honest with is ourselves.

My daughter has been the driver in this homecoming for our family.  A dear child with a passionate seeking heart coming up with many questions and securing fewer answers.  Each Sunday she would ask us about going to church only to be met with a chorus a groans followed but rationals why we need to pass this week.  Top her credit, she kept asking even when the answer was quite clearly not what she desired.

One week we were approached with a unusual request, “can we go to Grandma’s church?”  My wife and I looked at each other with startled eyes.  Unknowingly we both shrugged our shoulders and said  “sure.”  As each of us was raised in the Catholic Church and have been away for an extended period, our quick commitment gave us concern as memories of a brutally harsh church experience of youth surfaced.

Fast forward, it’s been a couple of months and so far the roof of the church hasn’t caved in and we still desire to go each week.  Without getting too caught up into tomorrow, today we still enjoy attending.  Here are a few points I’ve observed of our transition.

  1. Saturday night mass fits our life plan just perfectly
  2. Digging the ritual and ceremony of the service
  3. Priest – humble, genuine, honest, and thought provoking
  4. Watching my family worship together is special
  5. Comfortable taking what I need and leaving the rest for others to enjoy
  6. Fascinated by the mystery/unknownness of God expressed
  7. Love that I don’t have to worry about being a leader in church
  8. The congregants drink wine and beer at gatherings without any concern
  9. Friday fish fry – enough said
  10. Quiet reverence inside the building.

Let’s see how next week goes!

Late Night Snack…

Deer in the headlights

The beasts were stirred up and not willing to relent.  Shouts of “be quiet” and “no” had zero effect whatsoever.  Unable to cease their expression of concern I put them in the room without a view of the yard allowing them to stare at our neighbors garage.  Even behind closed doors I could hear the low rumblings of discontent coming from the dogs, yet my efforts to quiet them were met with greater resistance.

The sky seemed empty that evening except for the glow of the moon which cast an eerie haze upon objects in the horizon, a dark night resembling a sixties horror movie.  Now all that was required was something sinister.

The beasts continued their warnings without any break in sincerity.  Whatever was out there certainly had captured their attention.  Trying to slowly sneak off to bed and enjoy  a restful nights sleep I glanced one last time out the front window.  Something unusual caught my attention.  Misshapen images appeared in my yard.  The night’s hazy view limited a clear understanding of what I was seeing.

I stood transfixed allowing my eyes to adjust and like turning the focus knob on a microscope, soon I understood what caused my beasts such alarm.  There before me stood half a dozen deer of various sizes taking in a late night snack on my newly seeded winter grass.  It must have been tasty as they seemed to dine in peace without a care in the world.  Rigidly I stood viewing this wondrous sight trying to not make a sound thereby sending my guests fleeing into the night.

About that time my daughter came bounding down the stairs needing my immediate attention as it was now way past tucking in time and she couldn’t go to sleep without our nightly ritual.  As I turned to tell her to be still I feared what I would see when I turned back around to look again at my evenings entertainment.  Sure enough they had gone.  Left for another quick bite maybe this time without any interruptions.

Thanks for stopping by.



The liquid sparkles boldly in the light,

small waves respond to the shaken glass.

Swirls thrust to the side,

releasing an aroma of delight

Ah, the masterpiece lives.


Lessons learned camping at a music festival.

  1. An air mattress is a necessity not an option.  Better still, a Sleep Select mattress.  Trying to use two comforters on the hard ground may be fitting for a young buck but certainly not for an out of shape middle aged man.  I awoke literally sore in every part of my body.
  2. Sleep is not a priority for most campers.  The after concert parties seem to go on all night long and keeping quiet for the old men trying to sleep wasn’t close to important.  When I say parties I mean the hooping and hollering all night kind.  Turns out, most campers sleep in the daytime, this would have been good information to have known beforehand.
  3. Privacy doesn’t exist.  Tents are placed seemingly on top of each other and everything that happens manages to be a group event.  Middle of the night sneezes are excused by caring neighbors and sleeping farts are group giggled.
  4. Early morning pee runs can be a terrifying adventure.  Trying to dodge sleeping neighbors passed out haphazardly while desperately avoiding sit down invitations for conversations all the while trying to stay focused on the prize port-a-potty across the field.  All this with little light to work with and a perpetual haze, not to mention the soreness from a poor nights sleep creates a Herman Munster type gait.
  5. Warmth and acceptance really rule the event.  Even though the hours may be opposite of the norm, sing-alongs and campfire chats are found everywhere.  No strangers exist as a come on in just as you are attitude prevails the campers.  Everything is shared and nothing is expected back except kindness, somethings though I must admit, didn’t need to be shared.

Community comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and ages.  I was grateful for the pleasure of meeting some really fine people who totally dig life in the now.

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