All the gore and pain, focused impression,

the message lost to theatrics.

Simple idea of kindness and peace

welcome to all who seek.

Monday comes like Sunday never happened,

time to once again divide.



Feasting on the glorious bird browned to a golden hue.

Vegetables aplenty, proudly standing alone or disguised in casseroles,

pies of every stripe fighting for room on the edge of the counter.

Splendor of days of preparation, vanquished way too quickly.

Soon after while the dishes are cleaned, the television begins to blare.

Football and Thanksgiving, a perfect pair.

Slumber comes as overeating provides its consequence,

lounging in padded chairs, the game loses its value.

Thanksgiving…a day designed for gluttony and indulgence.

Festive Holidays.

Pricked with guilt while consuming such quantities as I consider those without.

Does Thanksgiving really make them thankful,

as they search means to feed their hungry child?

Thanksgiving means community, even if I should have less.

That I would be thankful for.

It begins with me.