Forgive me if I don’t jump on the bandwagon supporting government’s effort to establish greater religious freedom for the poor oppressed faithful.  Even the simplest of minds will easily read through the verbiage and see this for what it is.  Pandering to the religious right to gain future political  support.

I feel for the poor oppressed extremist christians for their lack of freedom to shove their crap forcefully down the throat of every American.  I’m sorry everybody fails to jump in lockstep with their desires.

What this freedom of religion means is freedom to demand MY region gets preferential treatment while all others are shoved out of the public eye.

Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion.


Straw Man…

Could todays evangelical church thrive without the need for a bad guy or group who’s out to get us?  Seriously, can the literalists survive on just the love message alone?  I doubt it.



If your pastor is demanding the congregation focus on obedience and leadership, hold on to your hat, you’re about to have any bit of common sense stolen from you, get a pair and fire you pastor.



If you hear “I’ll just take what the bible says as true” without acknowledging what that really means is “I’ll take what I think the bible says” as more important than what “you think the bible says.”  Your pastor has a messiah complex and needs to be fired.

Partisan Faith…


This coming from students at my daughters school.

If you believe that people can’t be good, pure, and active christians living out their faith each day unless they are also committed Republicans, you’ve lost your F’ing mind and need to not only fire your pastor who reenforces this inbred thinking but also throw your TV set that only plays one station out the window.



If the message you hear on parenting in church involves unbridled beating of children justified by the antiquated passage of “spare the rod, spoil the child” so your children will understand the “love” of God, it’s time to fire your pastor and get your children to therapy.  Maybe the counselor will help the child learn that love shouldn’t involve fear.



If your motivation for doing good things for others is solely based on your fear of Hell and eternal damnation if you don’t, understand you’re a self-serving tool without a shred of decency; you need to quickly fire your misleading message giving pastor and relearn how to live as a real human being.

Off Target…



If your church desires to fight for the preservation of traditional “Christian” values in marriage yet not a peep is mentioned about about protesting unjust and illegal wars, our current inequitable criminal justice system, or even lack of access to healthcare for the poor, then your pastor has a sadly distorted understanding of christianity and should be fired immediately.





If the community is trying to repeal Sunday alcohol sales and your church is spending its time and resources to keep an antiquated and disjointed law in place, immediately fire your pastor and celebrate your freedom with a drink.

Give em Hell…



If your church encourages Jr. High students to evangelize their friends while they realistically have little to no understanding of the true faith message themselves, it’s time to fire your pastor.

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